Registered Veterinary Technician


Roxanne is one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians. She graduated from St. Lawrence College in 1996, and has worked at St. Lawrence Veterinary Services since 2009.

She lives on a small hobby farm with her husband Brent and their three children Robbie, Brandon, and Sadie. They have an assortment of furry family members including six cats Peanut Butter, Dusty, Kit Kat, Oni, Uno, and Annie; two dogs Chyna, and Garth; three chinchillas Chiquita, Peaches, and Frost; and two birds Vern and Herm. There are also seven barn cats, ten cows, seven horses, a goat and a pig.

As a family they enjoy camping, or RV-ing as some call it. The boys are active in softball, and Sadie enjoys taking riding lessons. In her spare time Roxanne enjoys reading and watching movies.

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